Early quality nutrition impacts lifetime performance

Milkiwean® is a leading specialist that is committed to provide total piglet performance. Today the needs of every pig farmer world wide are different, yet they all share the goal of increasing output whilst maintaining a healthy farm. There are differences in farm size, genetics, health conditions, use of antibiotics and effective farm management. The Milkiwean feeding programmes offers targeted solutions for every farmer. Milkiwean focuses on quality, and a unique, dedicated production process supports a high feed intake and excellent piglet performance.

Early quality nutrition equals higher growth

To prepare piglets for higher growth, they must start eating a high quality, carefully selected diet during the first six weeks of life.
The Trouw Nutrition LifeStart concept explains how nutritional influences during this timeframe have profound and long-lasting effects as the metabolic system can be 'reprogrammed' during this time-frame to get closer to its genetic potential, or even stimulated to achieve higher potential. To achieve optimal pig performance it is crucial to prepare a piglet's intestine for feed digestion as early as possible.

A newborn piglet's gastrointestinal system develops rapidly and high amounts of dry-matter feed intake support this process. During the weaning period the piglets' feed intake can drop, leading to a poor and variable growth out phase. It is known that a drop in feed intake during this period can be traced back to the pre-weaning phase. After weaning the feed intake should be continuously be maximized to avoid fasting. The best approach, therefore, is to start the piglet off with supplemental Milkiwean feeds alongside the sow's milk to improve uniformity in litters, ensure more piglets weaned per litter and increase slaughter weight.

Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company

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