Innovation is one of Trouw Nutrition's core values. It's founded on Nutreco's global R&D network. Over 100 experts conduct research in nutrition and its application in animal production for poultry, ruminant and swine. To do this research, Trouw Nutrition R&D has five major research centres in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. Its in-house research is complemented with over 50 long-term research collaborations with scientific institutes across the globe. Trouw Nutrition R&D activities are closely aligned to the needs of the market. Application and Solution Centres in Europe and North America coordinate the interface between R&D and the operating companies of Nutreco to ensure an excellent fit between local needs and global nutritional solutions.

Swine Research Centre, the Netherlands

Swine Research Centre has an expert team and facilities for nutritional research with sows, piglets and growing pigs. The SRC is equipped with research techniques that enable researchers to conduct detailed nutritional research focusing on improved feed efficiency, piglet nutrition and health and sow transition. Included in the new facility are unique electronic feeding and water stations and video surveillance, which make it possible to individually monitor the feeding behavior of all categories of pigs, even though they are group housed. With these, Trouw Nutrition can study water and feed intake characteristics. In addition, there is a unit for health related, physiological and digestibility studies. In this unit, researchers can simulate field conditions occurring on farms.

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