Innovations in Milkiwean Yoghurt and Milkiwean Precoce

Recently Milkiwean Yoghurt and Milkiwean Precoce improved their concept.

Milkiwean Yoghurt

The new Milkiwean Yoghurt is easier soluble. Cleaning the bowls is therefore less labour-intensive and much more hygienic. Experiments show that piglets reach 4% higher weights after weaning when they are being fed the new Milkiwean Yoghurt.

Milkiwean Precoce

The renewed Milkiwean Precoce does not contain plasma, but a substitute. From various field trials it seems that the results of using the plasma substitute in Milkiwean Precoce are very positive. Initial results sugest that the average feed absorption is 11% higher with Milkiwean Precoce using a plasma substitute rather than feed without plasma. The plasma substitute in Milkiwean Precoce addresses the infamous ‘plasmadrop’, so that a smoother transition is guaranteed without absorption decreasing.